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On the first 5 days our website Da Gustare was online, we received more than 1000 visits. We are flabbergasted and grateful, and will keep doing our very best to thank you for the attention and the kind words. Reservations are also coming in: note that we always confirm by e-mail.

In response to this overwhelming reaction, we decided to double the number of tasting sessions”. If you already booked for one of them but spot among the new themes something you think you’ll be more interested in, you can still change it. Please come and see me on the day, and I will move you to another group.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my sommelier and taster friends for joining me in these lessons. Some of them came specially from Italy and I would like to name each of them:
- Maurizio Silvestri comes from Marche, Gianluca Marchesani from Abruzzo and Luca Benincasa from Siena.
- Jacopo Biadene is going to tell us all about the wines from Friuli.
- Ed Baten is going to present the organic wines by producer Roberto di Filippo.
- Stefania Abbona will assist me in the tasting sessions.
- Pierluigi Santoro and Francesca de Ritis are both offical tasters of olive-oil and will take care of the technical tasting sessions of Italian olive-oils, while Francesca Melcarne flies in specially from London for the – ongoing presentation of her olive-oils in the ‘piazza’ downstairs.

I am also told that the Opera Viva ensemble is absolutely enthusiastic of the program they are going to sing for us; same for singer and DJ Sebastiano Gentile.

A special thanks is due to our Nicola of CloudJam: not only everybody is complimenting us on the beautiful website he made, he is of an infinite patience and professionality. And a big thank you to Tina of Enotria who arranged for us the wonderful sight of the square of Tropea with a beautiful terrace on the sea.

We keep working on the final details to offer you a wonderful party on 1 December. If you did not reserved a place (or bought a ticket) yet, we suggest you do it as soon as possible, as we are not going to sell tickets at the door on the day. Payment for the Italian specialities you might want to buy during the event can be made with your banking card.

A presto!